Have a smile; take a piece of my heart

Making lots of Kandi for me, and @tubbyson for #Bigdub! :D #kandi

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Making lots of Kandi for me, and @tubbyson for #Bigdub! :D #kandi

This guy right here, man. #JMS

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Basically, it’s too muggy to build a fire so we’re roasting marshmallows on the grill. #crafty #marshmallows

So, I tried to stick with the colors on the cover, but even if they aren’t exact, I think they match. REGARDLESS, this is to say THANK YOU, KLAIRE. @klairedelys , thank you so much for sharing your imagination and hardwork with us. I am so grateful to be able to read such an awesome work from someone I’ve followed for so long now.
You have inspired me to no end, but upon your announcement of #outsider, I had thoughts that made me cry such happy tears. When my dad died, I stopped writing my novel, but you have sparked my fire to continue it. You caused me to go into old files of the map I made, the characters I plotted and drew, the items and creatures; to reread and begin to edit the old chapters.
Thank you, so very very much.
#outsider is on my shelf of favorites, and always will be.
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Flashback to this amazing day when Lily tried to steal my money. @kiranheartsyu

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I don’t see the world in
[b l a c k && w h i t e]
— i see it mostly in g r a y s c a l e

&& SOMEtimes, i am blessed enough to see s o m e
{c o l o r} .

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Feeling kinda cute sporting my boyfriend, @tubbyson ‘s #chelseagrin band tee, my new locket pendant, and my cute ass hair cut.

Spaghetti, mixed greens, chopped tomatoes, gets, pepper, salt, amazing. Oh, my gosh. So, so good. #food

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The couple rings I got for our anniversary came in and I am so excited. Mine and his both look amazing and I am so happy mine fits with my Claddagh too. <3. #endlesslove #me #claddagh #JMS