Have a smile; take a piece of my heart

My cat is in my lap and still letting me use my laptop and this is the most perfect thing I swear to God, I feel so loved hahaha. #cat

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Surely, you take some comfort knowing you are mine? #smotherme #theused

Wish I could combine all three of these. Definitely getting the harp tattoo for my birthday, might add the ogham to the strings of the harp. Wish I could fit the hound in, but I don’t think I can. #ogham #celtic #doodles

Had been spinning in the nice weather till I got some upsetting news. Not even nature is helping these blues. I really don’t want to lose anyone else.

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Uh, hey buddy, that there thing you’re sitting on happens to be my laptop… you know there’s a whole couch around yo- oh.. you don’t want to get up.. okay.. I’ll wait.
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Let’s pretend I don’t take too many pictures when acting ridiculous! Then again, what’s wrong with a ton of random pictures every now and again??? #me

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Finally home from work, and relaxing outside with NY doggies cause I have off tomorrow :] #me #redcheeksclub

Doodles before bed. Words of wisdom. #drawing #doodle

I’m so happyyyyy with how my room is coming along! #room #interior

Good dang thing I’m not afraid of heights. #ladders

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